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Portable Restroom Services (Portable Toilets / Out Houses / Port-A-Potty / Porta-john)

Whatever you want to call them, Red Rose Sanitation Solutions, Inc. has portable restrooms for any function. We just happen to prefer to call ours Portable Restrooms because of the care we put into our service and units. We have various styles suitable for: glamorous outdoor weddings, community and school sporting events, auctions, family reunions, construction sites, park services, or just for convenience at a remote location. Whatever the need, we have your solution!

Portable Restroom Style Options

Our standard portable restrooms for smaller events are available in your choice of our signature red or purple colors and are equipped with a foam hand sanitizer dispenser. These are great for anything from a backyard party to an informal wedding. If you plan on holding a more formal event or wedding, we also offer our "wedding white" units that blend in nicely with an upscale decor.

Handicap Accessible Portable Restrooms

Red Rose Sanitation Solutions also carries ADA compliant handicapped accessible toilets, VIP Flushing toilet units and more.

Flushing Restrooms

Our VIP Boudoir restrooms provide the most home-like facility possible in a portable restroom.

The VIP Boudoir restroom includes:
  • Spacious interior
  • Flushing capabilities
  • Full length mirror
  • Hand wash station w/ soap and paper towels
  • Three (3) purse/coat hooks
  • Motion-activated light
  • Spray toilet seat cleaner

Inside the VIP Boudoir


Hand Washing Stations

Our free-standing wash stations offer a welcomed sanitary feature to any outdoor event — especially one that that serves food and drink.

How to Determine the Quantity of Portable Restrooms Required for an Event

We are often asked how many toilets we will need for our event. We often recommend 1 unit per 100 people for smaller gatherings. For larger gatherings please visit our free quote page for our industry recommendations — or call us at 717-295-7673 for more information.

We Carry Standard, Handicap, and Flushing Restroom Units!

red color portable toilet
purple color portable toilet
white portable restroom
handicap accessible toilet
boudoir toilet
Baby Changer
hand washing station
hand washing sink


Red Rose Sanitation offers not only exceptional service, but also:
  • Clean and well maintained equipment
  • Units with foam hand sanitizers
  • Earth friendly cleaners and deodorizers
  • Discounts for multiple unit rentals
  • Easy to understand billing - No hidden fees!